Friday 2nd June 9:15 EFC v Familiar United        Sherwood B 

Friday 9th June 9:15 EFC v Gators      Norton Park South 

Friday 16th June 7:15 EFC v Orangemen      Sherwood B 

Friday 23rd June  9:15 EFC v Rangers       Sherwood B 

Friday 30th June  No Game 

Friday 7th July 7:15 EFC v Affiliates       Sherwood B 

Friday 14th July  7:15  EFC v Central Park Wanderers (CPW)      Sherwood B 

Friday 21st July  9:15  EFC v Clash     Maple Park (Grass) 

Friday 28th July    7:15   EFC v Delta 88s     Sherwood B 


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